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Hey Misters!!

I didn’t forgot our dear Grooms!! I know that you need some advises too!!

So today we will see, What is your body shape and next week we will see how you have to dress dispense of your body shape!

The Inverted Triangle:

 As the name implies, men with this kind of body shape do resemble an upside down triangle. This shape is very masculine…guys with this shape come across as strong and bold

The main traits of an upside-down triangle are:

– Broad shoulders and broad chest

– A very narrow waist and narrow hips

– Well developed arm muscles, might be bulky

– A significantly heavier top half

-The appearance of disappearing almost to a point at the waist.

The key to dressing well if you’re an Inverted Triangle is balance, always think balance! Whether that be your torso and legs, your shoulders and waist etc.

The Trapezoid


This body shape is very similar to the inverted triangle, except the waist is not as narrow. This shape is well proportioned and masculine, making it easily admired by the ladies! *wink*

The main traits of a rhomboid are:

– Broad shoulders and broad chest

– A top half larger than the bottom

– A medium waist (unlike the narrow one of an inverted triangle)

– A well proportioned body

Trapezoids, whilst sharing many similarities with the Inverted Triangle  are easier to dress and look more in proportion.

The Rectangle


 This body shape appears straight up and down. This is a common body shape for men especially as they get older.

Main traits of a rectangle are:

– The shoulder, waist and chest are all the same width

– Very thick through the abdomen

The most important thing for a rectangle is to give the illusion of a trapezoid shape.

The Triangle



Imagine if an Inverted Triangle stood on their head, that’s basically the body shape of a Triangle.

This body shape has a wider lower body than shoulders.

Main traits of a triangle shape are:

– Bottom heavy

– Narrower chest and wider hips

– Have sloping shoulder line

For a Triangle is all about detracting from a bottom heavy frame.\

The Apple


The “Apple” just as the name suggests, will have:

An overall round appearance

– Overall round appearance

– Large stomach

For the Oval it’s all about toning down the stomach, whether that be by illusion or directing attention elsewhere.

So what shape are you guys??? You can contact me and I will help you with it….

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For now, I wish you a wonderful 4th of July Weekend  and I will be back next week, same day, same hour!!  😉