Which Body Type are you ?

 Hey Girls!!

Ihope you had a good week. This week we will see the different types of body, next week we will see for each kind of body which kinds of clothes you have to wear and the week after we will talk about which kind of the wedding dress.

Women body types are most amazing curves. Woman body type is a measure of three main body parts of a woman. Those parts are busts, waist and hips. All women body types depend on these three parts measurements.

There are main four female body types or women body shape.

Body Type


Apple Shape

The Apple body type woman has heavier bust, then hips. It is also known as inverted triangle. They have a nice defined waist, but the larger bust area then hips. This type of woman usually has nice slim legs.


Hourglass body type considered the perfect body type. This body type woman has perfectly defined busts, hips and waist ratio. No part of the body looks bigger or smaller in hourglass body type. Of course in overall, busts and hips, looks larger as they have a small waist but it does not look bad.


Straight Body Type woman has almost similar hips and bust measurements. They do not have much defined waistline. So it looks straight. This body type is more common for model because they can wear almost everything.

Pear Shape 

Pear body shape woman has larger hips and smaller bust (smaller than the hips). Sometimes this body type is also known as triangle body type. The pear body shape woman has wider hips than your upper body. This body type has a waist as their best asset as it is nicely defined. Pear body shape women gain weight on their bust first, then in the upper body. Pear shape is one of the most common in woman.

Which Body Type are You ?


I hope you better understand the different type of body, To be sure you find it check the drawing. If you have questions, subjects that you are interested in don’t hesitate to comment. For now, I wish you a wonderful weekend and I will be back next week, same day, same hour, to talk about: How to choose your clothes!