Bring your fiancé on your wedding dress shopping!

Hey Girls!

I hope you had an amazing week like me!!

You have been waiting all your life for your wedding day!!

And there it is!! He just proposed to you! You are now engaged with your best friend, partner in crime

YAY!! Congratulations!!

You want him to be a part of your wedding planning and choose your wedding dress with him?? But you

know what we say: “show your wedding dress to your groom before the wedding will bring you bad luck

to your marriage.”


You will tell me how? It is Impossible in a classic bridal store; he will see the gown. So, voila! I have a

solution for you guys!!

Come to our showroom with your fiancé! We will make the first consultation together. We will think and

talk about your wedding, we want to put your soul and think together about the style according to your

characters and inspiration.

He will be an important part of my muse, but at the same time we start to create your wedding dress, he

has to go and lets the women alone!

Just in case, we don’t want to tempt fate.


I hope you like this week article, don’t hesitate to ask questions.And of course if you like it share it with your friends!!

For now, I wish you a wonderful week end, enjoy, have fun!

I will be back next week, same day, same hour!! 😉