Hi Everyone!!

All the team of Laureen couture wish you a wonderful holiday !!

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Happy New Year and Best Wishes for you

Spend it with people that you love!! Nothing can replace your parents, siblings so enjoy each minutes that you have with them !
Love is the essence of my work.

People fall in love, get married. So a wonderful bride to be, mother of a bride, friends come to me to create their dream dress to celebrate love!
Or someone don’t like himself and want to change life. So I will help him to discover his beauty, I will help him to love himself because you can’t be really happy if you don’t like yourself! Everyone is unique and beautiful, we all have our own beauty, you just have to reveal it!
Every people who come to me, turn a page of his life:
Start a new life with a husband , let her daughter fly by herself…
Start a life where I love myself for what I am because I am beautiful!!

I am glad to be a part in your life, I am glad to be a someone that you will remember the rest of your life, I am glad that you trust me.

This first year in Miami was magical, we accomplished a lot of things!
I hope that next year, I will be a part of more life !

Be a part of your happiness is My HAPPINESS!
So love you each other! Enjoy every minute of this new year !

Once Again Happy Hollidays and Happy New Year!!

Laureen Cohen