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In the last week article, I talked about Haute Couture “, let’s see now the three different ways to create clothes: The Haute Couture, The Semi-Bespoke or Couture and the Ready-to-Wear.

Just to remind you a “Haute couture” dress is created for a unique customer. We make a sample dress with a cotton fabric to be sure that the dress fits perfectly to the client. We use this sample to create the dress with luxury fabrics and the high level finishes. We work on every detail for hours to reach the perfection, it is not just a dress is a piece of art…

Haute Couture


For the Semi-Bespoke, it is what we are thinking about when we talk about on-measure clothes. The client has to choose a model and the tailor takes its measures and create the exact same model.



Finally Ready-to-wear is clothe create for the general market and sold in standard sizes. For wedding dresses most of the time, a seamstress make alteration on the dress to be sure that it fit well.

Ready to wear

I hope you better understand the different ways to create clothes, if you have questions, subjects that you are interested in don’t hesitate to comment. For now, I wish you a wonderful weekend and I will be back next week, same day, same hour, to talk about: How to choose your wedding dress!