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This Friday we will discover the three very similar kinds of dresses: the mermaid, trumpet and the fit and fare.

Fit and Flare:

Fit and flare wedding gowns can really give you flare!


 Benefits 🙂

– Create a very couture, fashion-forward silhouette.

– Can be a better option for petite brides, as it lends a slightly taller appearance than ball gown or a mermaid silhouettes.

+ Doesn’t have the tendency to swallow small frames like the ball gown silhouette.

+ Doesn’t shorten the frame as much as the dramatic segments created by the mermaid silhouette

Inconveniences 🙁

– May emphasize a wide waistline.

– May emphasize wide hips.



Most trumpet wedding gowns begin to flare at about mid-thigh, and can be thought of as a sort of hybrid between the mermaid silhouette and the modified the fit and flare silhouette.


Benefits 🙂

– Is a great option for full-figured brides who like the look of the mermaid silhouette, as it offers the perfect balance of curve accentuation and minimization.

– Allows more freedom of movement than the mermaid dresses

Inconveniences 🙁

– May draw attention to a straight waistline.



The mermaid silhouette can really pack a glamorous punch:


Benefits 🙂

– Highlight feminine curves, making it one of the best dress styles for hourglass figures-  Add feminine curves to a straight figure

– A mermaid dress can feature a high neck and/or long sleeves, and still exude an alluring appeal; so you can look sexy and glamorous, even if you’d rather not show a lot of skin for the religious girls who want to be glamour too !!!


Inconveniences 🙁

While the mermaid silhouette can be ultra-glamorous, it might not be the most flattering dress for your shape.!!

– A mermaid dress is typically best suited to slender figures, as it hides very little, revealing every curve.

– Mermaid dresses tend to emphasize a straight or wide waist.

– A mermaid dress may also emphasize wide hips.

– Mermaid dresses can restrict freedom of movement.

– Because the mermaid dress is such a form-fitting style, be mindful when choosing your undergarments – you don’t want any embarrassing lines peeking through your gown!


 To Conclude:

– The Fit and Flare flares right below the hip.

– The Trumpet flares gradually at mid-thigh.

– The Mermaid flares at or below the knee.


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