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I am back with some new events that recently took place, one of them was this past weekend and the other one was just two weeks ago. The events I am referring to are of course; Weddings!
On July 27, 2015 the prince of Monaco, Pierre Casiraghi that asked to marry Beatrice Borromeo had the wedding at the Pink Palace “Salon des Glace”.
The other wedding main characters were Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild.
Now, ladies, let’s talk about each wedding dress. What I did not like about them and why.

Beatrice Borromeo:

For Beatrice, She wore tree different dresses.
Let’s see the details of two of those three different Valentino’s dresses.
Beatrice-Borromeo-Wedding -Dress. Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding. Bride. Personal-Look
Beatrice Borromeo’s wedding dress
It is not traditional we like or not this not the problem! For me the big problem it is not that it is pink there is tone of very beautiful light pink! But this pink is sad and the second dress that she wore was very sad too.
This dress, it’s subtle, but not right for the occasion. It is just sad, even though it is a beautiful design, the colors do not yell, Yes I do! With excitement, but a simple cracked voice of “Yeah, whatever” it’s what you can expect in a wedding for a bride wearing a dress like this.
Sad-Pink-Wedding-Dress. Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding. Bride. Personal-Look
Sad Pink Wedding Dress
Sorry for the quality of the picture, I can’t find a better one but have a look ate the picture of the same dress on the runway.
Rainy-Wedding-Dress. Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding. Bride. Personal-Look
Rainy Wedding Dress

On this dress we can discover, embrace cloud with rain, REALLY? I am sure that the quality it is gorgeous, but seriously wear raining cloud the day of your wedding… I really don’t get it…

We cannot say that it is hugely dressed, it is not true… But those dresses are sad, and I really don’t get how we can wear sad dresses. One of the best day of your life!

Nicky Hilton

Wedding-Dress. Nicky-Hilton. Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding. Bride. Personal-Look
Nicky Hilton’s wedding dress
Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle/GC Images

Guipure is a very heavy lace, from an expertise point of view, has characteristics that made look too tight on the neck on Nicky. Usually this kind of fabric does not looks comfortable on her skin.  If you can look closely, Nicky’s Hilton wedding dress is the continuation of Kate’s dress.  BUT!! Kate’s dress it’s more appealing to the event, it’s classy and looks comfortable, gives her presence, figure and royalty.

For the French that I am the Calais lace or Soltiss lace are just the best. For the quality of this dress (we can imagine how many hours of hand works Valentino needs to create this dress), for me it is the shame to use this kind of fabrics. Just a question of taste girls 😉

Valentio. Wedding-Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding. Bride. Personal-Look
Valentino’s wedding dress
Photo Credit: Getty Image

Thank you for all those Dresses Sir Valentino!I hope you like this article don’t hesitate to share it with your friends!

For now, I wish you a wonderful weekend and I will be back next week, same day, same hour!!  😉