Hey Guys!!

I am sure you notice that the Cannes Film Festival started the 13 of May.

Ten days of crazy events and of course gorgeous Dresses!!!

I will not make the classical top 10 best or worst dresses, everyone does this… BORING!!

NO! Let’s see some of the most unique, innovative, modern dresses that we could discover until now!!!


 The French actress: Sophie Marceau




We like or not but it’s new, different everyone talk about it !

Is it a dress ? Is it a pair of trousers ? It’s Both !!!

A confusing set of a so sexy black leather trousers with a very light black and white drapes giving the illusion of a skirt.

I really have to say that I love it!!


The Russian model:  Natasha Poly



The full skirt displayed ample leg with a very obvious side split which also showcased a glittering body suit.

I have to say that she left little space to the imagination but she have the body for this….


The Israeli Model: Hofit Golan



With her very sexy and elegant Jumpsuit!


That all for today…

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For now, I wish you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I will be back next week, same day, same hour!!