Hey Everybody!!

New Services have been add to our website after a lot of requests.

  • Fashion Consultation/ Makeover:
Fashion- Consulting. Wedding-Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding. Bride. Personal-Look New-Services.
New Services: Fashion Consulting, start a new life

You never know how to dress, everyday is a nightmare?
Wake up!!!! I will explain you everything to start a new life!
We will make sure that your image match with your personality!!

  • Custom-made Evening and Wedding dress made in USA: 
  • Custom-made Evening and Wedding dress made in France:
  • Custom-made Flower and Baby Dress:
Wedding-Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding-Miami. Wedding-Gown-Miami. Designer-Wedding-Dress-Miami. Luxury-Wedding-Dress-Miami. French-Fashion-Designer. Hand-Made-Miami. Haute-Couture-Miami. Baby-Dress. New-Services.
Custom-made Baby Dress is one of our new services!

Don’t Hesitate to contact me if you have any question! I hope you will love our new website!

For now, I wish you a wonderful weekend and I will be back next week, same day, same hour!!  😉