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I am so sorry I didn’t forget you but the fashion news was crazy!! So I create a special article today for you!!  August arrives and I know you want to be the best of you for the summer!!
So few weeks ago we talk about the differents type of body share. Have a look to the article, if you don’t remember yours (http://laureencouture.com/misters-do-you-know-your-body-shape/).
Now that you are ready, Let’s dress to impress Guys 😉

The Inverted Triangle

Summer-Style. Body-Shape. Wedding-Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding. Bride. Personal-Look
Inverse triangle man body shape
DO 🙂

– Use wider leg jeans: 

to create balance, although skinny jeans are by no means off limits as long as the top half is just as tapered (and stay away from black denim, this will only serve to diminish an already small bottom half)
– Use detailing:
Contrast stitching on jeans draws positive attention to the hip area stopping it fading away into obscurity and makes it appear wider.– Mix it up: 
Wearing trousers a lighter color than your top half adds proportion and helps achieve that all important balance. The inverse is also true. Experiment with color every now and again.-Untuck your shirt:
If you have a big, difference in your shoulder to waist ratio. An untucked shirt will give the illusion of a moreDO NOT 🙁

– Dabble with monochrome:

Most inverted triangles are, by default, slim or skinny and as such should avoid wearing all one color like the plague. Just don’t do it. Same goes for vertical stripes.– Go anywhere near padding or double breasted:
Mostly when buying suit jackets, padding should be minimal, I can’t stress this enough, adding anymore width to your shoulders will just look comical. Double breasted suit jackets will just exaggerate how small your waist is.-;Go for a “generic” cut: 
By “generic” I mean “boxy”. Any suits, shirts, tshirts, anything you buy has to be tapered or you’ll be left looking like you’ve raided your Dad’s wardrobe without any success.
The Trapezoid


Summer-Style. Body-Shape. Wedding-Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding. Bride. Personal-Look
The trapezoid man body shape


Basically whatever you want, this is the easiest shape to dress since you’re naturally in proportion and have nothing to balance or hide, so to speak. The one rule is, like the Inverse Triangle!


– Go anywhere near boxy fits: 
Many of you tend to be slim, so boxy fits look awful. That’s it. Go and knock yourselves out.

The Rectangle 

Summer-Style. Body-Shape. Wedding-Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding. Bride. Personal-Look
The rectangle man body shape

DO 🙂

– Go for padding: 
In the shoulders when buying suit jackets. Whereas the Trapezoid have to avoid padding at every given opportunity. Rectangles could find it becomes their best friend in faking that sought after Trapezoid shape.

– Go light:
Using a light color on your top half will always give the illusion of a broader shoulder.

– Go for the skinny jean: 
If you’re a skinny rectangle, you are the only body shape that actually has express permission to wear skinny jeans. Jeans that taper in at the ankle make legs and bottom halves in general appear slimmer thus emphasizing the top half in a positive way. Especially if, you guessed it, you’re wearing a light colored T-shirt. If the skinny jean is just not for you then try a carrot fit, they have all the space of a straight fit but like the skinny taper in at the ankle, giving you that trapezoid shape.


– Untuck your shirt: 
Never, ever, untuck your shirt if you’re a Rectangle. An untucked shirt may do wonders at emphasizing an InverseTriangle’s non-existent waist but on you it will just emphasize your straight up and down shape. Always tuck in your shirt. A tucked in shirt will emphasise even the slightest V-shape in your torso, and just look better.

– Wear wide leg jeans or trousers: You’ve got the permission to wear a skinny jean, use it. A wide leg or bootcut jean will make your bottom half appear wider again and only serve to accentuate a Rectangle and maybe even give the illusion of an Upright Triangle shape.

– Go light below the waist: 
In the same way a light colored top half will accentuate your shoulders, a dark bottom half will detract from your waist and legs, giving the illusion of a V shape. Put the stonewash down. Black is the new Black. The contrast with a light top half will give you shape.

 The Triangle
Summer-Style. Body-Shape. Wedding-Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding. Bride. Personal-Look
The triangle man body shape


– Think like a Rectangle: 
If Rectangles need to emphasize their shoulders then Triangles should do it tenfold.

– Light coloured top half

– Detailing on the shoulder

– Layering

Are all things that rectangles can do to accentuate their shoulders, and they’re all things a Triangle must do. These will give the illusion of sometimes non-existent shoulders and draw attention away from a bottom heavy frame.

 – Look for padding: 
Fake it. Any jacket with padding will be the ultimate help in bringing attention to your shoulders and giving the illusion of a more balanced shape. The vast majority of suit jackets on the market today already have some form of shoulder padding.

– Look for dark denim: 
Anything dark is slimming. Indigo and black denim jeans will immediately make your bottom half appear thinner, bringing balance to a bottom heavy frame.

– Smart casual: 
Suit jackets with padding are great for bulking out sloping shoulders but don’t write them off as just formal wear, wear a light grey jacket with a pair of indigo jeans and you’ll be surprised at the difference.


– Think outside the box: 
Those boxy fit suits that can be the death of other body shapes will come in handy for the Triangle. A straight body line will make your shoulders look as wide as the widest part of your torso, bringing about that all important balance.

– Use flawed logic: 
Trying to give the impression of broad shoulders with tops with a shoulder
seam longer than your actual shoulder may seem logical, but will only serve to accentuate a sloping shoulder line. In the same vein, baggy clothing will never flatter a triangle shape. No matter how logical it seems, a proper fit is of paramount importance.

– Go tight:

Don’t misinterpret a proper fit for a tight one, it will not pull in a heavier set torso,in fact it will exaggerate one. If the clothing pulls as you put it on, size up.

The Oval

Summer-Style. Body-Shape. Wedding-Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding. Bride. Personal-Look
The oval man body shape

DO 🙂

– Wear low rise trousers and jeans: Low rise jeans will sit on the hips as opposed to the waist. Decreasing the distance between the waistband and the crotch, making your midsection appear smaller in general and giving the illusion of a longer, slimmer body.

– Wear V necks: 
V necks are very flattering on heavier set frames, primarily because it gives the illusion of a smaller neckline, drawing attention to the chest and decreasing that overall “round” appearance

– Go for vertical stripes: 
They will elongate your torso and give you an all round slimmer appearance.

– Monochrome:
It will make you appear instantly slimmer. Only dark colours will work.

– Get a good fit:
Clothes too tight will make every bump stand out, too loose and they will add weight to an already bulky frame. Clothes should skim the body helping to flatter it’s shape.


– Pattern:
Loud, brash patterns will (obviously) draw attention to your top half. If you must, then vertical stripes are the best pattern at an Oval’s disposal. Keep it understated.

– Get a muffin top out of pride: Always make sure your trousers or jeans fit comfortably around your midsection. If your stomach protrudes over the waistband of your trousers, regardless of how much you might not want to, it’s time to size up. A muffin top elongates the torso (in a negative way) and shortens your legs.

– Bulk: 
While it might be tempting in winter to layer up, don’t do it. This will just add more weight to your frame. Go for thin wool jumpers or if you can, cashmere. Both lightweight fabrics that will keep you warm.

– Wear a short hem:
In trousers and jeans the hem should be as long as possible, almost hitting the floor, this will elongate the body making it appear taller and thinner.

Remember!: All of these rules are by no means hard and fast, the world won’t implode if you deviate from them. They’re just a gentle nudge in the right direction…

Now you are ready for you summer!! Buy new clothes, have fun!!

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For now, I wish you a wonderful  weekend and I will be back next week, same day, same hour!!  😉