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Do you know that the Western wedding dress as we know it, white and once-in-a-lifetime, hasn’t always been the norm for brides? Actually, the white wedding gown is a modern invention: It’s only about 180 years old. Let’s discover how that comes up!

The White Gown:

Wedding-Dress-Miami. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Luxury-Wedding-Miami. Wedding-Gown-Miami. Designer-Wedding-Dress-Miami. Luxury-Wedding-Dress-Miami. French-Fashion-Designer. Hand-Made-Miami. Haute-Couture-Miami. White-Wedding-Dress. Queen-Victoria.
White Wedding Dress wore by the Queen Victoria

All the story of the white wedding dress start with Queen Victoria. In 1840, She wore plain white gown to marry Prince Albert and created a trend that’s lasted to this day. I know that you think it was to symbolize purity or virginity but not at all, she just liked white.

The Popular idea that the White dress is a symbol of virginity appeared later in her reign, as the sentimental Victorians idolized innocent brides and their pure white gowns.

Before Queen Victoria’s history, brides just wore any nice dress they had. However, The color white, was pretty unattainable for commoners, because white was very expensive and difficult to keep clean. White wedding gowns were rare and confined to the wealthy, which of course, made them cooler.

The Veil:

Wedding-Veil. Bridal-Boutique-Miami. Wedding-Dress-Miami. Luxury-Wedding-Miami. Bride
Wedding Veil comes from Roman times

The veil and train of wedding gown seem to have originated in Roman times. Roman brides were usually cover head to toe in a huge flame-coloured veil called the flammeum, to scare off evil spirits. Yep, it was genuinely meant to make them look as if they were on fire.

The veil and train also prevented them running away, a real concern. Essentially, it was a demon-scaring, theatrical marital straitjacket. Romantic, not ?

Feathers wedding dress
Feathers wedding dress and its veil with feathers


The Bouquet: 

Contrary of what we think we didn’t create a bouquet because it is pretty and smell good, far from that….

The bouquet was created to have the bride wore Garlic and drill to ward off bad spirits. The strong smell concealed body odor, which was convenient, as deodorant wouldn’t be invented for a few more hundred years. Not very glamorous…

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