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Today we are talking about the spring wedding dress tendency. It comes, by the way, with very charming concepts.

If the last year we had flowers in wedding gowns, guess what? This year the flowers are the dancing queens and the white is back to the kingdom!

Spring comes with fancy combinations anywhere between classic and modern styles. If you like long sleeves or strapless, short skirts or pants, capes or feathers, jumpsuits or just suits, don’t be shy, go ahead and get married!

This is your lucky season and certainly you will look gorgeous in one of those gowns!!

Flowers and silk organza everywhere…


Picture by Alessandro Garofalo

Classic silk organza in combination with the strapless neckline and flowers gives to the gown elegance and at the same time a fresh touch, perfect for the spring. On this picture you can discover the  very nice work of Mira Zwillinger.

Feathers are always a plus.

File_000 (3)

Picture by Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

Feathers suggest elegance. They are a fancy whim taken from the past, and in combination with a tight waist, they give to your body the perfect curves. Feathers give volume and originality to your dress.

Pants, suits and grace come together.

Pants and suits are at the top of the season. They highlight the bride’s class as well as wedding dresses and share the red carpet at the same level.

File_000 (1)

Picture by Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

Very  elegant Tailored ankle-length pant with fitted blazer and ivory  tank top by Carolina Herrera.

White silk Jumpsuit made in France. White Leather under-bust and its Organza and polyethylene coat. Be elegant but different!

You want to wear a  jumpsuit to be modern but you still want to have your train ? Don’t worry,  I find you the solution with the jumpsuit style-Camiriona!

Take the risk and be the chic girl of the season!

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