Hey Girls!

This Friday we will talk about how we have to dress now that we know what body type we are 😉

I am sorry, this article is not very playful and it is long but you have to pick your bodyshape. You will see by shape it is short and it will be Very useful  😉

Body shape



Your best asset:   Your legs!!

Your fashion goals:  Accentuate your lower body while softening your shoulders and upper body.


Pear :

Your best assets: Shoulders, torso and flat stomac.

Your fashion goals: Emphasize your waist and arms, add volume to your shoulders and upper body and minimize your hips.



Your best asset: Those legs!

Your fashion goals:  Elongate the torso, show off your legs and use fashion to create the illusion of a waist.



Your best assets: Your arms and legs  and you don’t have to minimize any body features.

Your fashion goals: Create curves and show off slender legs and arms.



Your best assets:  Curves, curves, curves!

Your fashion goals:  Show off your curves… without going overboard.


Good 🙂

– Wear a good supporting bra that will lift our bust and give you a more defined waist.

– Bring attention to your shoulder and neckline, wear designs that bring the eye to the centre by wearing wider and lower necklines.

– Extend the shoulder past the thickest part of the arms.

– DO wear a good bra and showcase your bust.

– DO wear fitted dresses.

– DO wear a belt at the waist to enhance your hourglass shape.

– DO try wrap dresses.

– DO go for high-waisted skirts to show off your hips.

– DO pick thin, lightweight styles and fabrics.

– DO wear skinny or straight leg jeans.


 Bad 🙁

– Don’t hide your curves with baggy clothing.

– Straight shapes that hide your waist.

– Fussy styles and details that create additional volume around your bust, tummy, thighs e.g. dropped sleeve lines, pleats, high-waisted styles, hip pockets.

– High necklines that cover up your cleavage and décolleté e.g. turtle neck.

– Boxy jackets, or double breasted styles, narrowing leg lines or wide/short sleeves which finish near your bust.


I hope this article was helpful!

If you have questions or subjects that you are interested in don’t hesitate to comment. For now, I wish you a wonderful weekend and I will be back next week, same day, same hour, to talk about:

How to choose your Wedding Dress!